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Ok, so usually there's no such thing as 'easy money', however with a lot of spare time during quarantine I've found a couple of ways there is.

When you google 'side hustles', 'make money from home' or 'passive income ideas', they all make it sound super easy. The most common results are 'just learn to copywrite' or 'just learn to web design', almost as if as soon as you've completed your free online course and watched a few youtube videos people will come flooding to your door throwing money at you to write them a sales pitch or design their website. There's even a lot of suggestions to 'buy a house and rent out the rooms'! If I'm googling ways to make money from home, what makes you think I have enough spare cash to buy a house?

However, in this short blog I'm going to discuss just two things that ACTUALLY work, are ACTUALLY easy and don't require any skills.

  1. Quidco - This is definitely the easiest, although it's not making money per-say, it's saving money. Quidco is a cashback site in which you visit your chosen retailers site through their link provided on quidco and you'll receive a specified percentage back of what you paid. For example, if I was booking a hotel using (yes it even works with some hotel and holiday booking sites) I would search '' on quidco. I would then simply click 'get cashback' and quidco would then open up in another tab and track my purchase. As you can see below, currently have 10% cashback, so if I booked a hotel that was £100 a night and booked 3 nights, I would get £30 cashback into my quidco account. It's literally as simple as that!

Since opening my quidco account I've gained £264 cashback which I can withdraw into cash whenever I want, or transfer into various vouchers for a bonus withdrawal e.g. an Amazon voucher (1%) or a starbucks voucher (5%). That's over 250 free filter coffees! Whats even better is they have an offer on at the moment in which if you sign up through this link we both receive £10 once you successfully claim £5 cashback over as many purchases as necessary, so sign up now before this offer ends!

Retailers I claim cashback from all the time -

- - - eBay - Trainline - Asos

2. Matched Betting

Don't let the word betting put you off. Matched betting is a technique I stumbled upon, in which you take advantage of new customer free bet offers with bookies. It is considered risk-free as it is based on the application of mathematical equations rather than chance. In 7 days of matched betting I made £252.67, which you can see broken down below.

I do not claim to be an expert and will not bore you with the jargon and terminology I had to go through in learning this method. But if this is something you want to do I would strongly recommend doing at least a couple of hours learning before you attempt it. I watched a few YouTube videos and use a website called They have a free version and a premium version. If they have an offer on for the premium version I would suggest registering for that. I used the premium version from an offer they had at the time of £1 for 12 days membership and have since cancelled that membership.

Please note I am just explaining how I made a bit of extra cash on the side, I gain no benefit from encouraging the use of this method and will not be held accountable for anyone who doesn't use it properly. If you are to use this method please make sure you fully understand how it works before doing so and also understand it cannot last forever as there are only so many bookies you can sign up with for the free bet offers.

So there they are. Two pretty straight forward ways to make money from home taking up fairly little time.

Another way that helps me make a small amount is through my Amazon Affiliates so if you are considering buying literally anything from amazon, it would be so helpful if you could use one of my affiliate links listed below!

Some equipment I use

5 in 1 reflector -

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