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What does a shoot with DRAW Media looks like?

All great things start with a plan. Not the most philosophical statement, but it's true!


Weeks before the day of the shoot, we commence with stage one; the pre-production phase. This is where we get together, whether it be over the phone or over a coffee, and discuss everything. We will ask you for your idea, the purpose of the content, the expected outcome of the video and all the important things for us to be able to deliver to you the best possible service and final product. After this discussion we will go into the lab (sat at a desk with a coffee) and do arguably the most important part of video production... creating a storyboard.

We will piece together both the information we have gathered from you and our own knowledge gathered from working on hundreds of projects, knowing what looks good and knowing what works and when. This will essentially be a detailed plan for what the final video will look like and exactly what shots we will need to get on the day of the shoot. We will then go through this with you and once we have the confirmation that you are happy we patiently wait for...


Making sure we're a bit early (not the annoyingly early, the sweet spot where it's like... appreciatively early), we get set up and meet you! Depending on the kind of shoot we may also meet the talent/models, in which case we like to have a short 'get to know them' chat to make them feel comfortable and be able to give us the best results!

Then obviously, we start recording.

We will follow the pre-production storyboard but make sure that we are capturing any details and emotions we may have missed from the storyboard. We don't want to give away too much of the secret sauce but we essentially will make sure we cover everything to the finest of details to make our lives easier when we get back and begin...


We've got the footage, the audio, the lot and now we back that up on multiple hard drives and get to work.

We begin editing the footage including cuts, effects, colour grading, whilst making sure we are in good contact with you throughout the whole process to ensure a smooth end product which is exactly what you expected (and more!).

The video will then be sent to you for review and you post it and get thousands more sales. Simple! However, if this is your first rodeo and you have no idea how to best distribute your video, don't worry, we can help demonstrate and advise how to get the best out of your posts, completely free of charge, on us!

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