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Gone are the days of having no choice but to pay for advertisements to grow your business. We're in a special time where anyone with ambition can use social media to grow a business from nothing to everything, with the right strategy. What do I mean by strategy? It's no good throwing every picture on your camera roll up onto your instagram story or posting pictures of the long walk you did with your dog on a page trying to sell clothings (true story).

You need to have a clear and tunnel vision target. Everything you say and do should be a step towards this. This is strategy. Below are 3 tips you can start implementing to make your social media look more professional, engaging and converting.

TIP ONE: Be Consistent.

This sounds obvious, but I don't mean post any old sh*te every single day. I mean be consistent in the way you speak, the type of content you post, the language you use. Are you posting serious hard hitting content or are you here to have a laugh and make people smile?

This is known as your brands 'voice'. It's the overarching message you are putting out there.

TIP TWO: Invest in Quality.

This tip goes hand in hand with the first tip. If you can mix consistency with quality, you are really onto a winner.

I always use this comparison. If you've never fixed a boiler would you suddenly try and fix it yourself if it broke? Or would you bring in a professional to do the job properly and first time? It's the same with your social media content. Yes, by all means you can try and produce the quality yourself and there's a chance that with the right equipment, time to learn and resources, you might do a good job (just like with the boiler). But when you've got a business to run, do you really want to add this extra pressure and time onto your schedule? Invest in someone who is skilled and practised in the field to get the best results for you. Or in other words... don't be that uncle who brings his digital camera to the wedding and stands in front of the photographer.

TIP THREE: Steal like an artist.

I love this one. It kind of feels wrong, but it is so right. It's sometimes hard to come up with content to post and the last thing you want to do is post a motivational quote overlaid on a sunset photo of a mountain range as a last resort for content. So use this hack. Have a look at the biggest names in your field and have a look at some of your competitors. Have a quick browse. What's got noticeably more likes and comments? What would really work for you audience? I'm certainly not saying copy and paste their post, but, do take inspiration from it and come up with your own version using your voice!


Growing your social media can sometimes seem like a full time job and that's because... well, it is. Big companies spend millions on their social media teams all to reach new eyes and new customers. If the return on investment wasn't there, this wouldn't be a thing! If you need anything from a quick question answering to an entire social media take over, please send us a DM or drop us an email ( and we will be sure to help you on your way!

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