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Drones have revolutionised the way we capture video footage. They provide unique perspectives and angles that were previously impossible to achieve with traditional cameras. Drones have become an integral part of our kit bag and always provide that 'wow factor' to a video (when used correctly).

In addition to capturing footage for entertainment, drones are also being utilised for inspections in a range of industries. Drones equipped with thermal cameras can be used to inspect buildings and structures for energy efficiency. They can also be used for industrial inspections, such as inspecting pipelines, power lines, and wind turbines. This helps to save time and money while providing a safe way to inspect hard-to-reach areas.

Here are three ways we use drones in our videos:

Establishing Shots:

Our most common use of drone video is to establish a location in a video. Used at the start or when changing scene, the use of a drone allows us to show the audience a birds eye view of where the video is set. Drones are able to fly close to buildings and structures, providing detailed and dynamic shots that give the viewer a sense of the location and its surroundings. They also offer the ability to smoothly fly through and around the location, providing a dynamic shot that can add visual interest and excitement to the scene.

Tracking Shots:

We also use drones for tracking shots. This is when the camera follows a subject, such as a person or a car, as it moves. This type of shot is commonly used in action and sports videos. Drones are able to keep up with fast-moving subjects, providing smooth and steady footage that would be difficult to achieve with traditional cameras.

Unique Perspectives:

The final use case for our drones is to provide a unique perspective that we wouldn't otherwise be able to capture. This may be flying through a tight space or an aerial shot of a person, as shown in the video below.

Drones have completely changed the way we can create promotional videos, commercials, event highlight videos and more. However, amidst all the excitement of getting a drone in the air, they do still have their own place and specific use cases. We don't use drones on every shoot just because we can. If they fit the narrative of the message we're trying to display then great, but if they don't add value to the story and the content then we're best off keeping it in the bag.

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