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The May Round Up


Another month in lockdown. Although lockdown rules are starting to loosen, I imagine it will still take a while for the photography and videography work ball to start rolling fully again. So, once more we find ourselves with plenty of free time to fill. This month I decided to enrol on some free courses to improve my knowledge and get some certificates to whack on my LinkedIn too (connect with me here The first course I did was the ‘Social Media Strategy Certification’ offered by HubSpot and the following week ‘The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing’ course by Google (I would highly recommend these to anyone running their own business although more focussed on businesses selling physical items e.g. shops).

Following these courses I decided to make a separate page for my wedding services which I would massively appreciate any support on and This was a decision to try and make each of my socials more specific to certain target audiences.

On the 22nd I decided to move back up to Newcastle to prepare for my part time job potentially starting up again following the latest announcement. However, what I didn’t think about is that this would leave me with no help from family members to get content for clients. On the other hand, this did become a fun challenge for me to go out and create content by myself.

With the lockdown being eased hopefully June will see work begin to pick up again and the occurrence socially distanced shoots *dusts off the 70-200mm lens*.


Ok, so not typical content, so to speak, but I rewatched the film 1917 again and the cinematography and the way this was filmed is absolutely incredible. Many non-videographers may not have even noticed the entire film is shot to look like one long continuous take. Obviously this is not the case but it’s a fun challenge to see if you can spot when the cuts are made because they’re not obvious!


Something I would love to get more into is portrait photography. Here is a great way you can create your own budget portrait studio in your house.

You will need:

1 torch (I used my phone)

1 camera

1 toilet roll tube

Optional: Some of them coloured plastic sheets you used to use for arts and crafts to create different coloured light sources.

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