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The April Round Up


With a huge dip in work due to the National lockdown, a bunch of free time opened up, leaving me with few options. One option was to binge watch Netflix series and let DRAW Media go stale on the side until all this blows over or I could use this time to improve my knowledge, develop plans and prepare for when life is normal again. I’m not going to lie, the first option was the one I chose for a period of time and will still choose this option on some days, which is fine, this is a quarantine, not a bootcamp.

Fortunately, my job also happens to be my passion, so getting up and creating some content became quite a fun task. With inspiration from the likes of Jordi Koalitic (@jordi.koalitic) and Daniel Schiffer (@daniel.schiffer), I challenged myself to choose items found around my house and produce short cinematic commercial style videos and eye-catching photos.

With advice from Sean Hickey (@socialcommando) I put an offer out on my Instagram of contactless, stay at home, content creation in which companies had the opportunity to send me their products through post and I would go and create some content and product shots for them.

This led to 2 jobs with UGD Apparel (@ugdapparel) and a promo video with PR Performance (@_prperformance). The beauty of this promo video is that in under 2 minutes we were able to explain how Paul is now operating his personal training online using an app called TrueCoach, during the lockdown. Without video, this concept would have taken paragraphs upon paragraphs to explain via text.

I have also been working closely with a friend of mine (@scottymcd33) on improving my website which is the reason for this, my first blog post. I’ll be writing a blog at the end of every month to show what I’ve been up to, what I’ve seen that I’ve loved and something you, the reader can try at home.


As previously mentioned, Jordi Koalitic (@jordi.koalitic) has been the main inspiration behind some of the ideas I’ve tried to replicate and tweak, so pretty much anything from his page!

Also, Scotland based SR2 Media (@sr2media) has been taking advantage of the empty streets with his photography and also managed to make a video about painting a desk black interesting. Check it out


A big hype of the video world at the moment are probe lenses. Essentially a long tube like lens that can be poked into small spaces to make really interesting shots. However, these will also set you back around £1500.

So, here’s my budget, at home, anyone can do, alternative.

Flip your phone upside down (make sure the screen rotation lock is turned off), balance it against an object on a piece of kitchen roll or tea towel and slowly drag the kitchen roll backwards away from the subject to create a cinematic slider effect.

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